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Master Class – Modest Street

Putting together a master class for Aisha Rahman , I think for this class the hardest was finding the right concept that will fit Aisha, i took a look at her YouTube and social media to see what is her niche, it was actually quite obvious and I remember i was thinking how did i miss this, make up master classes are very popular in London, with everyone doing them i needed to find something that was quite unique and since the party season is just around the corner i thought well why not have a masterclass that will teach woman how to do the whole look, Aisha is already a MUA and a hijab stylist and her dooti saree style is very popular with high demand on showing how its wrapped so i thought why not have the whole look in 1 intensive 3 hour class

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Shaai Clothing Photoshoot

@shaai.london (https://shaai.co/) here is a little bit about the designer:

I started wearing hijab in Ramadan 2014, not so long ago. With wearing hijab, I felt, came a lot of responsibility in the way I dressed myself as well. Even though I had been thinking about it for so long but I felt really underprepared for carrying this change. Continue reading Shaai Clothing Photoshoot

Shaai Clothing Photoshoot

Ok guys so @shaai.london (https://shaai.co/) has just launched her new collection
For those of you who followed me from the beginning you will remember this amazing designer I did a photoshoot for her a couple of years ago and when she got back in touch to do a shoot for her re-launch I was really excited

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