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Things to do in Langkawi

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Weekend away in Langkawi was full of things to do not what i expected at all as i thought it will be a beautiful beach where i can relax and chill which is why im gutted that i didnt take a longer break in Langkawi, anyways here are a few things i did while i was in Langkawi,

Before we start just want to quickly mention a few tips that will help

  • The island is very small but it can be quite costly to get around with uber,you can rent out scooters or cars which will be cost effective
  • try and get a hotel/apt near the places you will be visiting this way you wont be spending most of your time traveling around i recomend you find a place near cenang mall 
  •  when you get to the island again try and get to a super market or petrol station to pick up the essentials like water bottles etc
  • also book any activities you want to do when you get to the island booking them from the UK in advance can be quite costly - the best place to book is around cenang mall there is a street full of tourist agencies 
  • if you didnt pack a burkini then you can pick one up from cenang mall the prices are cheap however size are limited 

Sky Cable Car Oriental Village 

you can purchase your entry ticket on the day at the oriental village but be careful what you purchase, on the poster at the ticket office it showed that package A get you everything but then when i got to the top i wasn't allowed on the sky bridge which i really wanted to do and once you are up there you cant purchase any tickets 

this is a great activity to do if you are NOW afraid of heights the scene from the top of the island is just breath taking 

the Sky cable is also in a amusements park and the ticket lets you do other activities so its a great place to take the children 

Island Hopping

there are several types of island hopping trip you can take and vary in price depending on the type of trip you want to take some include BBQ, seeing the sunset, i picked the simple on which cost 35RM, they picked me up cenang mall and dropped up off at the pier we first went to a beautiful island where we had to purchase an entry ticket, the island was not a traditional island after walking up to the top I noticed it was a lagoon it was amazing you can swim in the lagoon or cano, paddle boat etc 

2nd stop was near an island where we watched eagles 

the 3rd stop was my favorite it was a private island and the only people that were there were other island hoppers probably less than 100 people the sand was white and sea was green perfect for swimming in - and they had a cute cafe where they served fresh young coconuts 

Rice Paddy

The rice paddy in Langkawi was no really spectacular, but if you are near by its worth a visit 

Zip Line adventure Park

Of yes this was so much fun, you defo have to be quite fit and healthy as i was not able to climb some of the high ladders, so my instructor took me up the rocky path to get to the top

I am scared of heights and it took me a while to jump off and trust that i will be safe lol, i had an amazing instructor and he was so patient with me really really recommend this activity even if your scared of heights if i can do it you can do it too

You can book via the tourist agency in cenang mall there are 2 places in Langkawi that do the Zip Line adventure park i recommend Skytrex i paid roughly 75RM for the full activity and then 20RM for a water bottle pouch and pair of gloves, keep in mind that these adventure park do have time slots so dont go to the adventure park before booking, also DO NOT book anything in advance online i check one website and it cost $150 which is roughly 600RM yep thats crazy so just book at cenang mall

here is a short video of the company so you can get an idea of what the adventure park entails 

also make sure to wear comfy clothing like gym wear, jog wear etc, and trainers so important

Nigh Life

near Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa, they had a nigh street market, now i was told that it was for a festival and normally this market is not here however some said otherwise, its worth checking out, as the street food was amazing and they had an open concert for all

Roadside Cafe

near the langkawi airport there are some roadside cafe which lead up to the public beach, I spent a couple of hours there just before flying back to KL and watched the sunset,

I am gutted that i didn't take a longer trip to Langkawi the island if full of activities you can do once you land do go to cenang mall and check out some of the tourist agency to see what they have to offer, also just want to say a big thank you to Sunnah Active on YouTube, i saw his video and messaged him on IG for some help and advice - do check out his video i like the way he vloged his trip its very informative and he has different actives and recommendations then the above 

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