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Planning and Budgeting for your Holiday

Halal Holiday holiday prep

So before you go on holiday it’s important to plan yourself well often we cant take long holidays so we want to make the most of the time we choose to go away for,

You need to ask yourself what you want from this holiday, do you want a relaxing chilled out holiday, do you want to do a lot of shopping a lot of sigh seeing once you have decided on the type of holiday you want its best to make a dairy this way you can schedule in the things you want to do, e.g. mosque visit, shopping in times square, shopping in KLCC etc 


once you have decided on the the type of holiday you want and dates you want to go away for I recommend you start looking for flights to give you an idea of prices, usally flying out on a Thursday or Tuesday is quite cheap,

So i would start looking at flight from UK to Malaysia return and then i will check for flights from KL to Langkawi this will help me budget my holiday accordingly

Now to budget for my accommodation for my stay in Malaysia

I always book an AirBnb accommodation I do find it the cheapest option and sometimes you get really amazing places in the center of the city with out paying a lot of money, my malaysian friends have also been surprised by some of the prices 

If you haven’t signed up with AirBnb then your in luck here is a £25.00 off voucher, click HERE sign up and your voucher will be waiting for you to use when you are ready to use it

As i stayed in a couple of places while i was in Malaysia i will do a seprate post on this

I also recommend you start researching things you want to do there, there is so much info on google, you can even ask your friends and family to advice on places and things to see, make sure all your travel documents are in order, keep in mind if you’re traveling with a British passport you don’t need any type of visa if you are traveling for less than 6 weeks I think sorry I have never stayed in Malaysia for more than 6 weeks

If you’re travelling outside Europe keep in mind that you do need to have 6 months on your passport if not better apply for a new one

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