Eating Out: Boat Noodle Malaysia

Hi Beauties

Yep im back in KL Malaysia, for 5-6 weeks, last time i was out here alot of you asked me if i could recommend places to eat out, shop sight seeing etc so i thought i will do a regular updates of places i really enjoyed eating out at,

So what is boat noodle, last time i was here i really loved the Coconut shake and OMG it taste the same as last time, its like they blended down a young coconut, and all you taste is real coconut, did i say coconut way to many time yes i did,

unfortunately nothing like the coconut they have in the UK which actually makes me quite sad, also i heard that Malayka have the best coconut shake well i have been to Malayka and i totally disagree, the shakes in Malayka as mixed with vanilla ice cream the taste was no authentic and must say was a bit generic like a McFlurry if they did one in a coconut flavor ,

they have a small selection of food which is great for people who get easily confused when ordering food on holiday like myself, i do sometimes well most of the times use the pictures for reference as i still haven’t learn any bahsa, last time i was here i had the green curry, and this time i ordered the KRA-POW, i am yet to try the pop-eye tempera

How to order well they have a pencil and a form on the table so once you are ready fill it in and hand it over to the waiter

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