Testing out Fresh Henna Cone

ok so since eid is around the corning and wedding season not to far away this way the perfect time to test out fresh henna cones, i am fed up of buying the cheap artificial cones from the market so it was really refreshing to see some fresh cones on instagram

Henna By Shifa sells these amazing 100% Handmade Natural Henna Cones, that develop colour over time 48 hours, shes based in Leicester and you can by them from her Instagram account @hennabyshifa shes currently having a special offer on her Instagram (buy 5 get 2 free or buy 10 get 5 free) she also sends a care manual which i thought was super sweet, on how to use the product how to store the product and how to get the best results. 

I’m not very patient when it comes to wearing henna and this was the first time I got it done professionally by Tahia (Hennah  Couture) she actually came to my moms to do my sisters henna for my brothers wedding back in feb, shes based in East London and is happy to travel for booking, shes currently got a special offer on all bridal bookings hand and feet for £100.00 just for my followers just quote BUBBLEGUMHIJAB normally £125.00 so get booking fast you can find her on instgram as @hennacouture_


So it took Tahia less then 10min to do my hennah she was super fast and very creative, so to get best results you need to keep the henna on for 8 hours however like i mentioned earlier im not very patient so after 2 hours

and without following any of the instructions Henna By Shifa sent me i was like ok im taking it off, it looked almost like a peach colour and i was a bit upset i messaged the sister straight away and then she told me that i should leave it on for 8 hours for best result or min 3 hours which made me more upset as i didnt even leave it on for min hours the sister reassured me the colour will develop within 48 hours

so after waiting for 2 days i was shocked YES it WORKED omg it went from peach to a beautiful maroon almost a deep Autumn brown, here are some of the pictures i took from after i took it of and then after 48 hours i defo recommend this product for anyone getting married and for best result get a henna artist to do it 48 hours before the big day xxxx

after I scrubed it of:

after 24 hours 

after 48 hours 

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