Ready Made Saree by Brandaffectionuk

Eid is just around the corner and finding the perfect outfit can be tuff, with so much preparation to do the last thing you want to do on eid day is faff around with your sareeI will be very honest with you i don’t like spending alot of money on my eid cloths only because I tend not to get that many use out of it so when I found i was really happy, the saree was affordable and ready made, yes you heard me ready made, but before i show you how to wear it i just quickly want to mention the blouse is also customized for long sleeve and to cover your navel so perfect for me, i love the lace/netting with the stitching details and to cute little pearl embellishments.

you can also find her on Instagram @brandaffectionuk


here are some pictures of this beautiful saree i got from scroll down to see how to wear the saree in 2 mins


some detail picture of the saree 


Hijab is from my collection: chai latte 

also here is how you can wear the saree in 2 mins, the saree comes with a petticoat which has a elastic band, so no need to lose your (newaor) noose, 

it has these clasp on them so all you do it wrap it around your wait and hook it in to place 


the saree is made for all size, once you have hooked it into place make sure the pleating is in the front neat and tidy, and then you can just do the achal as you wish, if you want to let it out or pleat it on to your shoulders thats completely upto you 



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