Product Review: Nutri Ninja

Ok beauties I wasn’t going to do a review on the Nutri Ninja but as a lot of you asked so I thought I will do it 

Before I buy any electrical products I go through loads of reviews and YouTube tutorial 

This was no different I first checked out a couple of blenders to see what will suite me and my lifestyle I needed something that will blend smoothly as I needed a blender to make breakfast shakes and healthy shakes so I can eat my 5 a day with out munching on fruits i really dont like chewing on fruit

I had a cheap blender before and there will always be clumps and the water from the fruit will sink to the bottom and the fruits will float to the top and it just did not look appetizing

I researched a couple of brands and then came across the nutri ninja IQ and really liked the reviews and demos on YouTube it had a blend mode and a purée mode which was really appealing, as I like my fruit smoothies to be smooth almost like juice and NO BITS

So I went on the nutri ninja website to see which product will suit me best as they come with attachments and some come in multi box 


The chef box which was ideal as you can use the bowl for making baked good and chopping up onions making salsa etc, 

also after using it on a couple of recipes i loved the consistency of my smoothies there were no clumps and it crushes the ice perfectly the nutri ninja has Auto iQ which means i can turn it on and go an brush my teeth wash my face in the morning and the smoothie will be ready as it blend automatically and and after 1 min switches off which is plenty f time for it to have a smooth consistency

the nutri ninja also has mini suction pads on the bottom which means it will not roll of your work top please dont ask how i know that

I do love my machine and I’m really happy I have it as it has made my life a lot easier in the kitchen and I defo recommend you do some research before buying any electrical goods 

Tips on buying a electrical products:

  1. Always check reviews on the products from customers like on argos, john lewis etc 
  2. Then check out some YouTube videos to see if the product does what it says ideally from smaller bloggers as they are not sponsored their reviews are honest 
  3. Then go on to the brand website to see if they have multi box as you don’t want to buy a blender and food processor separate and have too many gadget in your home usually in multi box they will have 1 base but a few attachments 
  4. Go on to comparison site to see who is selling it for best price 

where to buy:

here are some reviews demos that i watched:

the first one if from the Nutri Ninja youtube channel, i wanted to understand what was an auto IQ and then i watched loads of reviews see below also if you decide to buy one do let me know

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