mumuscarves photoshoot

Hi Beauties

hope your all well today, OK so did this photoshoot with Annas from MALAYSIA whoop whoop, i actually met Annas and Papa mUMu back in Malaysia, Datin Norjuma actually invited me for a private meet and greet and dinner with these creative duo, i remember before Annas left he said to me “bubbles i want to take a photo of you” he whipped out his phone to show me his portfolio and i was like OMG the standard was no less then the covers of magazine like vogue i was like are you serious, was super excited however during my stay in Malaysia Annas was extremely busy which is completely understandable, not only is he a fashion photographer but he also owns vendville a department store in KL well actually he owns 3 of them yep this 28 year old is a business tycoon.

so when he came down to London he messaged me for a photoshoot in covent garden – let me know what you guys think

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