Modest Brides Maid OOTD

Hi Beauties

OK so before i start my BLOG i just want to say a BIG thank you to the team

PHOTOGRAPHER: @lookatmephotography (for bookings 07426932159)

LIGHTING COORDINATOR: @tasniaxartistry

STYLIST: @aidasaktar

here is a quick blog about the dresses me and my sister bought for my brothers walima, i know on instagram its hard to see all the detail so i thought it will be better if its on here,

sorry for the delay i know you guys saw the insta story and the dress i wore for my brothers walima, it was actually picked out by my younger sisters from a shop called fashion world in Green street here is the address: 311 Green St, London E13 9AR

the dress was £120.00 of the shelf but if you wanted to customize the colors and size it will cost you about £165.00 however as me and my sisters bought 8 outfits from his shop he gave us these dresses for £135.00 customized

so we bought 1 of the shelf as they had the right color and size and 3 that we customized. there were pros and cons in ordering something customized

ok so the pros were: he has a swatch book with over 100 colors to choose from, the size was perfect including heights,

cons, the delivery was 2 weeks late, the detailing on the dress was not what we discussed originally, the tassels on the scarfs were different from the ones in store, the ones in the store were crystals and the ones that we customized looked like Christmas burbles, we also asked him to remove the padding from the bust but they didn’t remove it

I would say overall we were not to bothered about the small details the colors were what we ordered, and even though delivery was late we did get them 3 days before the walima – i think maybe we were just greatful they arrived before the walima and they fit.

Also im not a big fan of high heels so i just wore the dress with some gold pumps from primark and the hijab was from Samias Treasure, i wasn’t sure which ones would suit so i asked her to send me 4 in the gold tones so i can match it accordingly, I believe the one im wearing is the Taupe Soft Shimmer

here is the one my sister wore, I will be uploading mine soon,

if you guys have any questions about ordering customized dresses please do ask i know it can be quite daunting, my advise is make sure you order at least 8 weeks before the date, and DONT tell the store the actual date you need it for you will never get it on time.


5 thoughts on “Modest Brides Maid OOTD”

  1. Really beautiful dress! I like the colours and the embroidery is so delicate but such a statement.
    When I scrolled through the “ootd” tag, I saw the preview pictures that they always show and my first thought was “this is something I could imagine an Elves Princess wearing in a Fantasy movie!”, only after clicking on it I realized that it was an actual Bridesmaid dress! It’s gorgeous 🙂

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